Hot Investor Mandate 4: Global VC Invests Early in Novel Biotech and Medical Device Platforms

1 Jun

A venture capital firm with offices across the US, Europe and Asia is currently looking to make new investments into biopharmaceutical and medical device companies from its two funds. The firm looks to invest in early stage companies and can provide up to about $17 million to a company over the lifetime of the investment. The firm is most interested in companies based in the US, Canada, Ireland, Singapore and will also consider exceptional opportunities elsewhere in Europe and in Asia. The firm plans to make approximately 8 new investments over the next 6-9 months.

The firm is interested in companies developing either biopharmaceuticals or medical devices. For biopharmaceuticals, the firm is interested in all modalities including small molecules, biologics, and cell and gene therapies. The firm is primarily interested in platform companies with the potential for multiple assets and strongly prefers technologies to be 1st in class or best in class, often originating from breakthrough chemistry or biology discoveries. The firm is looking for companies with assets in discovery through Phase 1 clinical trials. For medical devices, the firm is primarily interested in companies working on devices that have the ability to treat drug-like markets, as well as devices for self-pay markets. The firm is indication-agnostic in both biopharmaceuticals and devices.

The firm can both lead and co-lead investments, with a preference for taking a board seat. The firm prefers working with management teams with positive track records; however, they are open to working with incomplete or non-permanent management teams as well, especially for very early stage opportunities. The investment team has extensive operating experience and deep networks, which they can leverage to support companies as needed.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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