RESI Testimonials – Hear from the Folks Who Attended

29 Jun

By Michael Quigley, VP of Market Research, LSN

mike-2RESI San Diego was another successful event for fundraising life science companies, investors and strategic partners. With a great deal of praise coming from those on both sides of the investment table, you can read the testimonials below to see for yourself what industry executives are saying about RESI.


Brian Frenzel, MBA: Membership Committee, Band of Angels; President, CEO and Director Tosk, Inc.

Congratulations on a great RESI meeting in San Diego last week. I have been attending biomedical conferences for longer than I’d like to admit – ABC, ACA, ACOG, ASA, ASCO, BIO, DMD, H&Q, JPM, MnM, PhRMA, and many others, some whose acronyms are slowly being lost to history.

The RESI meeting in San Diego was one of the best organized and most productive that I have ever attended. The event’s sole focus on early stage investments and fundraising along with the partnering system made it very easy to identify companies of interest and schedule meetings. RESI staff were always available to help. The energy level was very high, and I was delighted to see so many new companies, new technologies, and new investors in attendance. Not only did I fill every meeting slot, but extended it into lunch, the reception, the following day, and the following week. I am confident that several companies I met at RESI will yield new business relationships.

My hat’s off to you and the RESI staff that made it possible!

Gregory Stein MD, MBA: President and CEO Curtana Pharmaceuticals

Congratulations on running yet another successful RESI conference! I have attended several over the past 3 years and they just keep getting better. The partnering system makes it easy to identify leads and I always have a packed meeting schedule with potential investors and partners that I could not have otherwise found through the usual channels. While I did not see immediate success, you and I both know this is, in part, a numbers game and persistence pays. It has taken a lot of work, but this past March I closed with one investor group and in July I will close with another group that has committed to invest. From the recent San Diego conference, I have several new high-quality investor leads and partnering opportunities to follow-up on in the coming weeks. Given the enthusiastic response I received to Curtana’s story, I anticipate that we will continue to benefit from the relationships we have made at the RESI conferences.

Yao Ho MBA: Business Development Director LYFE Capital

Attending numerous RESI from a few years back, I can say that the events are getting increasingly better and a must go to event to meet quality companies. Attendees from the investor side has also been increasing in quantity and quality, almost feeling like a 1:1 attendee ratio. The partnering system is intuitive to use and makes identifying promising companies to meet quite easy. From the event I have met many new business relationships that I expect will flourish in not only in the business setting but also as friends. Most importantly the follow-up rate from meetings held at RESI is also quite high, proving to me that the quality and dedication of these companies are certainly a par above. The RESI team has always been helpful in addressing any concerns and helping build new leads. I am certain that we will be attending future RESI events and look forward to seeing RESI flourish. Congrats to the RESI team on making another great event!

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