Hot Investor Mandate 2: Large Australian VC Seeks Global Life Science Opportunities

9 Nov

A venture capital firm headquartered in Australia solely invests in the life sciences and generally seeks to make investments ranging from $3-10M. The firm invests globally but prefers companies with the majority of employees and assets based in Australia. The firm is a dedicated mid-stage life sciences investor, which means that the firm looks at technologies that are ready to be, or are already, trailed in humans.

The firm will invest in companies across the life science space, including therapeutics, diagnostics and medical technology. The firm does not invest in service providers. The firm considers all subsectors and indications, including orphan indications. The firm will consider technology either in or prepared for human clinical trials and is open to all classes of devices. The firm generally seeks investments in novel technology but will consider existing markets if the technology is superior.

The firm looks for companies where a large part of the technological risk has been removed, and work alongside companies to ensure that their clinical programs and other activities support their objectives and are designed to achieve the best possible outcome for the company. The firm is open to co-investments and considers public and private companies. The firm will only consider companies with granted patents or a clear patent strategy. Companies of interest must have a remote connection with Australia or the Pacific Region. This may include a facility or a partner located in the region.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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