Hot Investor Mandate 1: Pharma Corporate VC Seeking Globally for Innovative Therapeutics, Medical Devices, Healthcare IT

30 Nov

A corporate venture arm of a large pharmaceutical company manages an evergreen fund and currently holds $750 million in assets under management. The fund invests separately from the corporate and is not mandated to invest in areas of strategic relevance with the corporate. The firm makes equity investments in early venture rounds. The firm typically invests up to $10M initially with a total of $15-25M going to a single company over multiple financing rounds. The firm is willing to both lead and co-invest in companies located around the globe and could make as many as 5-6 investments over the next year.

The firm invests in therapeutics, medical devices, and healthcare IT. The firm invests in early stages of development, from preclinical up to Phase IIa drug trials for therapeutics; and for medical devices the firm prefers to invest in companies that are anywhere from just starting a PMA study to on the market. The firm is interested in all classes and indications of therapeutics and devices with their main focus being that the technology be truly innovative and novel. They are not interested in cases of reformulations, re-purposing or “me too” ideas. The firm makes approximately 75% of its investment in therapeutics and 25% across medical devices, and healthcare IT although they are actively looking to increase exposure in these areas. The firm is also open to investing in laboratory equipment and drug development enabling technologies though this area is less of a focus.

The firm prefers to invest in management teams that have demonstrated prior success in the life science industry and are oriented on the goal of bringing a product to market. The firm is currently most interested in privately held companies and looks to take a board seat following investments.

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