Hot Investor Mandate 4: USA VC Seeks to Invest in Consumer-Facing Healthcare Companies Across North America

30 Nov

A USA-based venture capital firm builds and invests in companies in the healthcare sector, with a focus on personalized health and consumer health. The firm typically invests in seed or Series A rounds and initial investments range from $150,000-$1.5 million, with a potential commitment of up to $5 million over the life of the investment. The firm focuses on companies on the US East Coast but can invest across the USA and Canada.

The firm focuses on healthtech and tech-enabled health services. The firm is also open to investing in devices and diagnostics, but only if they are targeted at consumers as users, rather than physicians, and the firm avoids investing in implantable devices and devices that require a PMA. The firm is open to investing in any area of medicine but prefers to invest in technologies related to chronic diseases, including disease management and care engagement tools. The firm has a strong interest in addiction treatments and physiology, and is also interested opportunities in preventative care and wellness. Neurodegenerative diseases and cancer are also of high interest.

The firm generally does not invest in companies that face FDA regulatory risk; the firm invests in companies with products that are already approved or do not require FDA approval. The firm prefers to invest in revenue generating companies but will consider startups that will begin to generate revenue in 6-12 months.

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