Healthcare IT Investors Explore Their Strategies at RESI

7 Dec

By Lucy Parkinson, Director of Research, LSN

The healthcare conference week we all know as JPM began as a gathering for executives in the biotech, pharma and medical technology industries, but the rapidly expanding digital health industry is becoming increasingly a part of the annual San Francisco hubbub. We’ve seen that growth firsthand over the last 3 years of RESI San Francisco events. It’s a sector that investors approach from a diverse range of directions; some funds that previously focused on biotech have broadened into digital health, while traditional technology investors are getting to grips with the healthcare industry. Additionally, many large health systems or payers are looking to digital investments to strategically benefit their business. These investors each bring a unique expertise and perspective to their digital health investment mandates.

On January 9th, five experts in the space will share their strategic insights and advice with entrepreneurs at RESI San Francisco’s Healthcare IT panel. The participants are:

  • Rich Simoni, Managing Partner, Asset Management Ventures
  • Taha Jangda, Partner, HealthX Ventures
  • Brent Stackhouse, Vice President, Mount Sinai Ventures
  • Eric Louie, Chief Medical Officer, Healthbox Global Partners
  • Dennis Depenbusch, Director, New Ventures Initiative, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas

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