Hot Investor Mandate 3: Investment Arm of Major China Genomics Company Looks for Complementary Early-Stage Genomics & Big Data/AI Technologies

15 Mar

A branch of a subsidiary of a major genomics sequencing company in China is actively seeking technologies from the US, Canada, and China that will complement what they currently have. In addition to direct investments, the firm often functions as a strategic partner that can help provide a technology platform for a startup or even integrate the new technology into their system. The firm also provides access to their large marketing team once the product is developed to help the startup during their commercialization phase. The firm is currently interested in early stage companies: usually at seed to series A and is rather flexible as to the financing terms. Additionally, the firm is willing to work through either partnerships or direct investments.

The firm is actively seeking new genomics technologies. Currently, the firm is interested in any technology within diagnostics, digital health, and medtech that has a focus on genomics. Within the diagnostics and medtech sectors, the firm is particularly interested in sequencing technologies currently, but is willing to see all early stage genomics-based technologies within these sectors. For digital health, the firm is interested in companies involved in big data and AI that already have algorithms that can utilize the large pool of genomics data that the firm currently has access to.

When investing, the firm likes to take an active role in the company and prefers taking board seats but does not require a board seat. Otherwise, the firm prefers to work with companies that the firm can work with and help develop into either a potential integration or a productive partnership.

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