RESI Spotlight: Investors Focusing on Innovative Technologies For Mental & Behavioral Health

31 May

By Christine A. Wu, Senior Research Analyst, LSN


While mental and behavioral health conditions are highly prevalent, they are also often stigmatized. In the healthcare technology arena, this indication area has been on the rise in both excitement and innovation. According to the World Health Organization, one out of four people in the world suffer from a mental or neurological disorder, including a total of about 450 million people with mental disorders. Even as one of the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide, mental illness carries with it stigma, discrimination, and neglect, preventing patients from admitting the need for help, reaching for help or having the accessibility to resources for when they do. In a society that shies away from vulnerability, it becomes easy for us to not embrace the need for mental health or fully understand how to prevent future cases.

Industry and investors have responded; with the growth of the digital health vertical, the amount of capital invested in the mental and behavioral healthcare space has increased significantly. This year, the industry has seen deals as high as $40M in digital health platforms streamlining patients and mental health clinicians, mobile apps with professional coaching, and software solutions to overcome anywhere from anxiety and depression to eating disorders and substance abuse. As chronic diseases such as diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease can be debilitating for patients both medically and psychologically, behavioral health solutions include disease management IT platforms to monitor and improve treatment adherence. With the aim to treat individuals holistically, such platforms connect patients, mental health professionals, and medical physicians, tracking the patient’s physical and mental health as the disease progresses.

At RESI Boston Summer on Monday, June 4th, the LSN team is launching an initiative to highlight investment in mental and behavioral health with a new expert panel of VCs, pharma, hospital and healthcare systems.

Moderated by Julie Papanek Grant, Partner at Canaan Partners, the panel includes:

  • Justin Baker, Scientific Director, The McLean Institute for Technology in Psychiatry
  • Ken Duckworth, Senior Medical Director for Behavioral Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA
  • Robert Garber, Partner, 7wire Ventures
  • Eric Schaeffer, Senior Director, Neuroscience Innovation, Johnson & Johnson Innovation

Panelists will provide their diverse perspectives of industry (and academia) trends in mental and behavioral health, its future outlook, and global impact.

The LSN team has also slated a handful of digital health companies in mental and behavioral health for the RESI Innovation Challenge.

Register for RESI and be sure to meet and learn both the investor side and company side of this up-and-coming space!


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