Hot Investor Mandate 2: Subsidiary of Large Pharmaceutical Looking for Innovative Therapeutic Companies Developing Treatments for Rare Blood Diseases

21 Jun

A fully owned subsidiary of a large pharmaceutical that focuses on treating rare blood diseases. The company partners with and invests in early stage companies in the blood disease field using a variety of structures. The company is open to partnering with companies worldwide.

The company is focused solely on rare blood diseases, including hemophilia, sickle cell disease, cold agglutinin disease, and beta thalassemia; the firm will consider assets in any rare blood disease, but does not consider blood cancers or blood-born pathogens. The company will consider assets from the very early idea stage through to commercial products. In addition to any therapeutic drugs that treat blood diseases, the company is also interested in other modalities such as medical devices, wearables and digital technologies that help treat or manage blood diseases.

The company is open to working with companies and researchers from a very early stage; for companies that do not yet have a complete management team, the company may take an active role in building a team or guiding development.

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