Hot Investor Mandate 1: Japanese Pharmaceutical Seeks to Partner with Global Innovations in Therapeutics, Devices, Digital Health with Focus in Orthopedics, Respiratory, Cardivascular Diseases

21 Jun

A pharmaceutical company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, focuses on two main sectors: pharmaceutical and medical device for home healthcare. The company is seeking innovative medical technologies to strengthen its pipeline while expanding into new areas. The company is looking for in-licensing and collaborative R&D opportunities in the US, Canada, EU, and Israel.

The company has existing businesses in respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and orthopedics. The firm is seeking innovative, home-care, therapeutic medical devices in the disease sectors described above. The company is also interested in home patient monitoring products. In addition, the company is looking for innovations in the following areas: neurological disorders such as stroke, depression, Parkinson’s disease, etc.; cancer; wound care; and rehabilitation, which all must be used at home care. The company is most interested in PMA and de novo therapeutic devices in the home-care settings. The company prefers assets with initial patient data. Furthermore, the company is seeking opportunities in digital medicine business (but not for consumer products) in disease areas described above.

Within pharmaceuticals, the company had previously focused on late clinical stage assets in orthopedics, respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular diseases, but has expanded interests to consider early-stage opportunities. The company is most interested in small molecule and peptide drugs.

The company is looking for assets that are a compliment to its portfolio. The company prefers to own rights in the Japan market, while its partners can keep US or EU rights. The company’s regulatory team, clinical team and support system can assist its partners with product registration and distribution in Japan.

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