New Spain Fund Provides Capital and Clinical Trial Support to Early-Stage Therapeutics, Medical Device, and Diagnostic Companies

26 Jul

A service provider and investor headquartered in Madrid, Spain is starting a fund to support research and development in Europe. The firm is looking to fund companies, whether headquartered in the US or in Europe, doing research or clinical trials in Europe. The firm’s model is similar to a non-dilutive grant: the fund will pay €600K-800K of every €1M in research or clinical trial funding needed. The firm will fund deals involving research spanning 2-3 years with at least €.5M committed a year, but prefers bigger investment sizes with ~€10M in research funding with €6-8M provided by the firm.

The firm is interested in companies in therapeutics, medical devices or diagnostics looking to do research or hold clinical trials in Europe. The firm is agnostic to subsector and indication.

The firm’s only requirement is that the company conduct its research or clinical trial in Europe.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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