Pharmaceutical Arm of Japan Conglomerate Seeks In-Licensing and Investment Opportunities Globally, From Small Molecule NCEs to Drug Discovery Tools

26 Jul

A pharmaceutical arm of a Japanese conglomerate consists of multiple business operations, including a US licensing and clinical development office, as well as a Japan-based sales division. The firm is seeking to form partnerships and in-licensing relationships regarding early stage assets in its key indication areas. These partnerships are highly flexible, and may involve the firm contributing personnel, sharing studies and research tools, or providing research expense funding.

The firm is interested in early-stage, first-in-class, orally active small molecule NCEs. The firm seeks assets in the following key areas: metabolic disease (type 2 diabetes and its complications, dyslipidemia, NASH, and energy metabolism in Alzheimer’s disease), infectious disease (functional cures for HIV and Hepatitis B), cardiovascular disease (CHF, peripheral arterial disease and pulmonary arterial hypertension), autoimmune disease (multiple sclerosis, lupus, IBD, systemic scleroderma, and organ fibrosis). Additionally, the firm is interested in sarcopenia & cachexia, chronic kidney disease, pain (peripheral targets), and osteoporosis (osteogenesis only). As well as drugs, the firm is interested in drug targets in these disease areas. The firm is open to forming partnerships regarding very early stage assets, at or prior to the lead optimization phase.

For in-licensing for the Japan market, the firm is focused on renal diseases, dermatology and allergic diseases.

The firm also invests in drug discovery technologies and research tools such as: technologies related to translational research using cell culture, isolated cellular organelles and related mechanisms; HTS technologies; protein structure analysis; chemical biology, chemical synthesis, and chemical libraries; biophysical tools; in silico technologies; biomarkers and bioinformatics screening, biomarker research, and compound libraries.

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