Sourcing Cross-Border Investment Opportunities through the RESI Conference: An Interview with Med Qiao Group

11 Oct

Jean Yao

An interview with Dr. Jean Yao, Managing Partner, Med Qiao Group

– By Jessica Yang, Investor Research Analyst, LSN

Jessica Yang

An increasing number of Chinese investors are looking for companies around the globe with a China angle and changing the dynamics of life science innovations. Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Jean Yao, Managing Partner at Med Qiao Group, about her experience sourcing investment opportunities through RESI in the past two years. Jean has attended nearly every RESI event since 2016.

Jessica: To begin with, please tell us a little bit about your background?

Jean: I am the founder of Med Qiao Group, and I have been active within the Medtech/Diagnostics/Digital Health technology community for over twenty years as a venture capitalist, consultant, and technologist.  I’ve also been working with startups, institutional and strategic VCs to help them expand the market in China.

Jessica: You’ve been to almost every RESI since you first attended in January 2016. In your opinion, what are the greatest strengths of RESI?

Jean: RESI organizes five different conferences every year in various cities such as San Francisco, Boston, and New York. As an investor open to technology with broad interests of life sciences and healthcare, RESI plays a critical role that enables investors to source more deals. Also, one thing I enjoy in RESI is that you can discover different kinds of biotech/medtech ecosystems in different cities, and in RESI you’ll find new companies every time with high quality.

Jessica: What successes have you experienced through RESI?

Jean: I have invested in a cancer diagnostics company that I met in RESI. Overall, I can see that there are more and more investors and companies who are developing innovative technologies coming to RESI, which makes RESI a valuable partnering conference since RESI helps to connect the dots in the life science space. Also, I always recommended my portfolio companies to attend RESI to gain more exposure to other investors and potential strategic partners.

Jessica: How do you see the value that RESI provides to cross-border investors like you?

Jean: The investment market is tremendous in China since Asia and the US are currently the biggest healthcare markets in the world. RESI helps cross-border investors have a chance to source more US deals, and also the one-on-one partnering meeting system makes it more efficient for investors to filter the companies before the conference, and people can find the mutual fits through browsing the online partnering platform.

About Med Qiao: Med Qiao Group is a healthcare market investor as well as a unique medical-business strategic consulting firm dedicated to bridging between East and West healthcare worlds. Med Qiao has offices based in Minneapolis and Shanghai, China. Alongside investments, the firm advises life science companies on strategic partnerships (manufacturers, distributors) in the Asian market by providing resources in the network.

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