RESI NYC 2018 Innovation Challenge – Check Out the Winners

8 Nov

By Karen Deyo, Investor Research Analyst, LSN

This past Monday, November 5th, at RESI NYC, all attendees, including scientist-entrepreneurs, investors and service providers, walked through the exhibit hall at the Midtown Hilton where the Innovation Challenge was taking place. The 30 finalists participating displayed their technologies, spanning from therapeutics to medical devices, diagnostics and digital health. These finalists were selected based on how investable they are, with criteria evaluating both innovation and commercial viability. We wish success to all of the finalists, but we offer congratulations to the 3 winning companies.

First Prize: Promaxo

Promaxo is a medical technology company that develops and commercializes office-based modular MRI and MRI based technologies. The Company is currently focused on advancing the solutions for prostate disease management and other urology and pelvic conditions.

Lucy Parkinson, VP of Investor Research, Life Science Nation | Amit Vohra, CEO & President, Promaxo | Dinesh Kumar, Chief Operations Officer, Promaxo | Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation

Second Prize: Keriton

Keriton Kare is a NICU feeding management, lactation analytics and patient engagement platform with end-to-end automation to improve process efficiency, reduce risk of erroneous feeds and enhance breastfeeding outcomes through a suite of mobile applications – Kare Mom and Kare Nurse.

Lucy Parkinson, VP of Investor Research, Life Science Nation | Rich Mager, CEO, Keriton | Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation

Third Prize: Thermaquil

Thermaquil discovered a completely new way of managing pain. We are first addressing the heart of the opioid crisis by treating post-surgical pain. Our minimally invasive device will be inserted at the time of surgery by the surgeon or anesthesiologist and later pulled out by the patient’s physician when recovery is complete. Thermaquil’s system creates a virtual filter across any nerve that allows patients to dial-in 0-100% how much of the nerve’s firing gets through by gently warming and cooling a short section of the nerve. Reversible thermal nerve blocks are a new mechanism of pain treatment distinct from drugs and electric stimulation. Thermaquil seeks to reduce or eliminate the need for opioids through non-addictive thermal nerve blocks.

Lucy Parkinson, VP of Investor Research, Life Science Nation | Stephen Popielarski, CEO & Co-founder, Thermaquil | Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation

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