Hot Investor Mandate: China-Based VC Firm with $500M RMB Fund Focuses Investments in Early-Stage Medtech/Digital Health Companies

28 Feb

A new venture capital firm founded in 2018 and based in China is focused on big data and IOT-related healthcare investment opportunities. The firm is currently managing a 500 million RMB fund and is actively looking to invest 10-20 new deals in the following 12 months. The firm invests mostly in Medical Devices, Diagnostics, and Digital Health companies but will also consider drugs in applicable cases. The firm is currently looking for new opportunities globally, however, following China’s latest healthcare development strategy would be an important consideration although not required for their investment opportunities. The size of investment can vary from 10 – 30 million RMB depending on the deal.

The firm is interested in medtech, diagnostics, and digital health companies that are seeking for early financing round. The firm’s sweet spot is to invest in angel to pre-A round. The firm will not invest in B round or later rounds. The firm is especially interested in technology with a big-data component. The firm has invested in molecular diagnostics and digital health companies. The firm is opportunistic in terms of subsectors and indications.

The firm is seeking to invest in management teams with strong research or industry background. Management teams that graduated from the world’s top universities or has worked for big pharma is a plus. The firm also prefers serial entrepreneurs with successful track records.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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