Hot Investor Mandate: Western Europe-Based VC Firm Invests in Seed Stage, Technology-Based Early-Stage Companies in the Life Sciences Sector

28 Feb

A venture capital firm based in Western Europe invests focuses on investments in technology-based early stage companies in life science industry among other technologically oriented industries. The venture capitalist provides initial investments of up to €600,000-1 million. The firm will also reserve a further €3 million for follow-on financing and supports the start-ups in acquiring other investors and partners. The firm is interested in companies that have been in operation for less than one year. The firm typically looks to make 10-15 life science investments per year. The firm invests primarily in Germany but also has the capacity to invest in other parts of Europe or in global companies that have ties to Germany. The firm only invests in companies that are less than 3 years old.

The firm is looking for new opportunities in the life science space including therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices, material sciences, chemicals, regenerative energies and healthcare IT sectors. The firm is opportunistic in terms of sector, subsectors and indications, but it focuses on companies with a significant technological innovation and close to proof of concept. The firm’s investments to date have included life science companies developing medical devices, vaccines, drugs development, diagnostic services, chemicals and platform technologies.

The firm mostly invests in seed-stage companies located in Germany (or at least have a German subsidiary) with deep technological knowledge and expertise. The target market should be large and/or have high growth potential. The founding team should have the relevant know-how, complimentary skills and relevant business / industry experience. Outside of Germany, the firm only invests as a co-investor alongside a local lead investor.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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