RESI Europe Innovators‘ Pitch Challenge Finalists Announced

21 Mar

By Claire Jeong, Director of Research, Asia BD, LSN

claireOur next RESI will be landing in Vienna in just 4 days, and we are excited to announce the 5 Europe Innovators’ Pitch Challenge finalists for our inaugural Europe conference! These early-stage companies have been selected to present a short pitch to a panel of investor judges, who will provide these companies with constructive feedback.

First introduced in RESI Boston last year (September 2018), the Pitch Challenge has become a unique opportunity for the earliest stage companies, especially those who have had minimal experience in pitching and getting in front of investors. By hearing from investors and key industry partners who actively source and evaluate early-stage technologies, companies are able to improve on their pitches and work on areas of improvement more efficiently.

The Europe Innovators’ Pitch Challenge will run from 1:00 – 2:30 pm on the day of RESI and all attendees are welcome to participate as part of the audience. We look forward to seeing you there!

Moderated by Greg Mannix, VP of International Business Development at Life Science Nation, the investor panelists are:

  • Iris Öhrn, Investment Advisor – Life Sciences & Healthcare, Business Region Göteborg AB
  • Benedikt Luhmann, Principal, VI Partners
  • Andreas Jurgeit, Partner, Lundbeckfonden Emerge
  • Evan Castiglia, Principal, Philips Health Technology Ventures

And last but not least, the finalists are:


Revax is delivering revolutionary new vaccines for respiratory infections.
2019 scientific publications show that vaccines delivered to the lungs are highly effective being more effective than traditional injection vaccines and provide broader cross-reactive and long-lasting protection. Bringing together key players in aerosol delivery, academic excellence in vaccines, industrial support and clinical research organisation expertise, Revax promises to deliver a revolution in vaccination.
* More amenable to use in children and the elderly
* Cross protective, valuable for seasonal changes in influenza and valuable for pandemics
* More effective vaccines, for example for TB
* More boostable immune responses
* Lower dose is required, reducing costs and time of manufacture, and facilitating storage and logistics issues, etc

Verde Biopharma

Medicinal cannabis is efficient – but hard to administrate – due to the challenges of THC. Verde biopharma is developing a unique set of products for pharmacies, healthcare and personal use that levels the playing field for therapeutic applications of medicinal cannabis, in a safe manner within the guidelines of the newly presented WHO recommendation for a legal rescheduling of cannabis. Our platform allows for greater individualization of medicinal cannabis products for the global market – and a practical solution to many of the challenges of the new market.


Platelets are blood cells which stop bleeding. The only source of platelets for transfusion is from blood donors, but there are issues of shortage, safety and efficacy. PlatOD provides an alternative to platelet transfusion from blood donors, by manufacturing platelets from stem cells using fluidic devices. With its 3 patents and know-how combining physics and biology, PlatOD has a key asset, the short duration of platelet production in its fluidic device. With its must-have technology, addressing the issue of large-scale production, PlatOD will provide the means to produce at a reasonable cost, the large volumes requested for clinical studies. The plan is to develop a pilot in 2 years, with a 4M€-fundraising.


We are developing a device that can help workplaces reduce costs regarding stress-related sick-leave. They can cut sick-leave expenses with 60% and increase work productivity. From our device, the employees get biofeedback and learn what their stress-level is. The management can collect the data and show it on a common dashboard. Interventions should be made and their effect can be measured before and after. We measure 24/7, also during sleep and can give early warnings about emerging toxic, chronic stress, which woul lead to severe illness, long-time absence and inability to work. Our main target are workplaces. A secondary target are hospitals which we can help reduce stress and provide early warnings about severe developments in the patients with cardio-vascular diseases.

Iluria Health

Iluria is a digital health company focusing on ADHD. In a nutshell, we aim to solve the current trial and error ongoing treatment in ADHD patients. We are doing so through an ML based solution which provides on-going, personalized & passive ADHD monitoring, using biomarkers data (wearable agnostic) and AI analysis.

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