Don’t Wait! There is Still Time to Apply to RESI Innovation Challenge. Deadline May 1st…Go for It!

25 Apr

By Gregory Mannix, Vice President International Business Development, LSN

The deadline to enter the RESI Innovation Challenge for the RESI Philadelphia event (June 3rd) is fast approaching, coming up May 1st. I would encourage every fundraising CEO and scientist/entrepreneur who will be in Philadelphia in early June to go for it! The RESI Innovation Challenge is a great way to instantly get your company from regional mode to global mode as RESI Philly is going to be loaded with international biotech, medtech and digital health partners and investors. A great strategy is to apply for the Innovation Challenge and if you are one of the 35 early stage startups selected, you can use that prestigious selection to help garner more partnering meetings. We are expecting over 300 investors in attendance at RESI, and the ratio of investors to startups is typically 1 to 1. These global investors and partners come to RESI seeking innovative technologies with high potential to scale in global markets. The RESI partnering system is designed to ensure that meetings between investors and startups are based on a strong fit for each other’s criteria, and we have often heard that makes RESI a much more productive place to meet than other events.

We encourage all applicants to read our article on How To Be Successful in the RESI Innovation Challenge. There is not much time left to apply – interested applicants, please complete your online application through our application portal here or submit your PDF application and supplementary materials by sending them to We look forward to receiving your submissions!  Here is a list of the companies that placed in the top three at the last 4 RESI events.  Take a look at the companies who have won in the past – they represent a very compelling and diversified group of technologies.

Company Description of Technology Location
Miniaturized auto injector for patients who need to carry emergency injectable medications North Carolina
Light emitting swallow-able capsule for treating Chrome’s disease Israel
Electronic Catheter Guidance System England
Online speech tele-therapy solutions Israel
Medical devices for ICU monitoring Taiwan
Revolutionizes blood flow imaging through PET scanning Denmark
Doctors office  MRI imaging California
NICU feeding management and lactation analytics Pennsylvania
Minimally invasive device for treating post surgical pain Pennsylvania
Micro-machine for monitoring and treating ventricular heart conditions Massachusetts
Novel brain imaging for monitoring sedation Massachusetts
Noninvasive devices for monitoring and treating hypertension and migraine headaches California

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