Fundraising CEOs and Scientist/Entrepreneurs Need To Be This Good

16 May

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation; Creator of RESI Conference Series

I recently interviewed Rick Berenson, CEO of Thermalin, a well-known global entrepreneur based in Boston. Thermalin has a potentially breakthrough solution for a non-refrigerated insulin entering clinical trials within the next year. These non-refrigerated insulin products are getting closer to addressing the logistical cold chain issues associated with the most prevalent drug worldwide. In this interview Rick talks about what his tactics and strategies are in raising Thermalin’s series B round. Here is a minute-long clip that nets out his message,

Rick Berenson CEO, Thermalin Interview

Or click here to see one minute preview

This interview highlights what a well versed competent CEO sounds like telling the story of his company, team and product…this is great stuff! I encourage all fundraising CEOs and scientist/entrepreneurs to listen and  learn from Rick and how he positions his company to the marketplace.

In my recent series the Entrepreneur Elucidated, I have been writing about finding your entrepreneurial voice, making your story cogent and coming across as authentic. All of this makes for a compelling pitch, which leads to a dialogue that fosters a relationship on the road to capital allocations. Getting your Story Straight, Finding Your Voice, and The Battle of Balancing Authenticity.

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