Stand out at RESI Boston with the Innovation Challenge and Innovators’ Pitch Challenge

20 Jun

By Karen Deyo, Investor Research Analyst, LSN

At every RESI event, the RESI Innovation Challenge helps promising startups gain exposure with investors – many past finalists have spoken of how they used the Innovation Challenge as an opportunity to speak to more investors and form more relationships, using their participation as a catalyst. Companies participating in the Innovation Challenge are selected based on their innovativeness and their commercial potential, among other criteria, and finalists are provided with a poster presentation spot at RESI, in addition to being featured in the LSN newsletter and in the program guide. The portal to apply for Innovation Challenge for RESI Boston is now open, so we invite any companies interested in participating to apply now! The participating companies will compete to receive ‘investments’ of ‘RESI cash’ provided to all attendees, and the top three participants will receive prizes.

In addition to the RESI Innovation Challenge, participating tech hubs from the First Coast can have their constituents apply to participate in the First Coast Innovators’ Pitch Challenge. The top 8 companies from participating tech hubs will be selected to pitch to a panel of investors, giving them a chance to hone their pitch and receive valuable feedback.

The deadline for both the Innovation and Pitch Challenges for RESI Boston is August 7th – we look forward to receiving your application!

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