Regional Early Stage Players Need to Go Global

19 Sep

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation; Creator of RESI Conference Series

It took time and determination to create a global early stage funding and partnering ecosystem. With the advent of Life Science Nation’s (LSN) two up and coming RESI Asia events. LSN now has a truly unique funding and partnering infrastructure that can be utilized to bring regional technology assets catapulting into the global partnering and commercial distribution arena.

The life science market is an interwoven global fabric – countries in both hemispheres have been collaborating for decades; whether it be academia, foundations or governmental initiatives. Partnering takes the form of cross-border research collaboration, product development, investment and distribution.

Everything starts with international R&D, with advancement fueled by international links and partnerships that have been forged for decades to drive the science and help save lives. Government agencies in The U.S. and Europe have been working with Asian counterparts for years to form agreements on standardized testing and development mechanisms globally.

This standardization is critical so that drug, device and diagnostic product developers can choose from an array of global service providers offering better, faster, cheaper vehicles to validate and certify their products for global commercialization. A global one-stop-shop model for development services can dramatically impact the time factor holding the industry hostage for years.

There will be a tsunami of next generation healthcare products that will dramatically impact the world in the coming decade.  The new science impacting next generation healthcare product development is well documented. Getting these new products validated and certified will require a global vision that takes advantage of service providers regardless of their geographic location.

Back to LSN and the RESI global ecosystem… scientist-entrepreneurs and fundraising CEOs can hop into the RESI partnering ecosystem and develop the investor, service provider and distribution channel partners that will get them to the market faster and cheaper.

The interwoven global fabric of the life science community has taken decades to develop: LSN, with our RESI partnering conferences, hopes to make is easier for the regional early stage players around the world to adroitly take advantage of the burgeoning global market.

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