Taiwan, Leading The Way in the Asia Life Science Ecosystem – Spotlight: RESI Taiwan

17 Oct

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation; Creator of RESI Conference Series

Historically, Taiwan has been a technology powerhouse with a ubiquitous presence in microelectronics that reach into the personal devices, homes, offices, and cars of consumers around the world.  Taiwan has established its presence in the life science industry and is a premier player in Asia, and is now making a mark on the global stage.

Taiwan is reaping the benefit of having a clear life science vision and then mastering the execution of that vision by building a world class life science innovation ecosystem.  Taiwan’s stand-out performance in life sciences begins with a well-protected IP and legal environment. Taiwan has also developed comprehensive biomedical clusters and supply chains that lead the way for the Pacific Rim players.  For drug developers, few countries can compete with their healthcare and clinical trial infrastructure. Not to mention, in 1996 they digitized the country’s 23M patient records.  When you add in their world-class NHIA database and the Taiwan Biobank, it all adds up to a superior environment for healthcare development and clinical trials.  To top it off, the government of Taiwan leads the way with holistic support and regulation, making Taiwan the go-to country for life science development.

Over the last two years, I have spent some time delving into the life science landscape of Taiwan. I always talk about the tsunami of technology surfacing around the planet. I have witnessed firsthand how Taiwan is placing itself at the forefront in the life science arena, with cross-border partnerships in the academic and private sectors producing  great results.  Taiwan has a rich entrepreneur base that is creating dynamic technology silos within drugs, devices, diagnostics and digital health. Taiwanese startups and the Taiwanese governmental programs have made Taiwan one of the top healthcare technology hubs on the planet. I have met with Taiwanese entrepreneurs who are developing next generation micro-machine technologies that will impact the way we treat and diagnose patients in a wide range of diseases. I have seen these developers using custom silicon-based medical devices that will monitor patients both inside and outside the body, feeding a new generation of data to a bevy of new AI applications.

There is so much more going on in Taiwan you really need to go there and see for yourself. Best-in-class therapeutics, robotics, medical devices and digital health…it’s all there sitting in Taiwan as we speak. LSN is helping these entrepreneurs get from a regional mindset to a global strategy for partnering and commercialization of all this technology.

Life Science Nation has partnered with Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and NARLabs to organize an inaugural RESI Conference in Taipei, Taiwan on November 14th.   Attending RESI Taipei will be a great chance for LSN’s global partners to get plugged into the Taiwan’s rising life science ecosystem and meet emerging startups, both local and drawn from RESI’s global network.

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