Important Information about Digital RESI Partnering

22 Mar

By Karen Deyo, Senior Investor Research Analyst, LSN

Thank you for participating in the first-ever Digital RESI. We want to make sure that this event is a success for you, and the following information will help you use the partnering platform to best advantage in this virtual conference.

First, please note that all currently scheduled meetings take place in Paris local time (CET). Please be aware that you can block off time slots so that you are not getting scheduled by the system at a time that is inconvenient due to your local time zone. The good news is, if you have accepted some meetings, you can reschedule your meetings to a more convenient time.

This is one of the challenges in going from a physical to a global digital format and LSN wants to make sure that all the meetings you book will work for both parties. Also, LSN does recommend making sure you have exchanged phone numbers with the other person, so that if something does happen you can just call the person directly.

Depending on your location, this would mean that the partnering slots take place at:

San Francisco (PST) 12AM-12PM
New York (EST) 3AM-3PM
Paris (CET) 8AM-8PM
Shanghai 3PM-3AM

Digital RESI is giving us an opportunity to continue with LSN’s mission to connect early stage companies with investors and strategic partners who are a fit for them, and we urge all of you to take full advantage of the partnering platform by accepting meetings over the three days of partnering. Virtual partnering meetings will start in 5 short days – make sure to fill your schedule!

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