Digital RESI in Numbers

26 Mar

By Karen Deyo, Senior Investor Research Analyst, LSN

Digital RESI was an idea that arose under unusual circumstances, to say the least. As RESI drew near, we were overwhelmed with the positive responses we received to the change, and our attempt to move forward with an alternative to the traditional on-site conference. Now that the first Digital RESI is behind us, what do the numbers say?

With about 550 attendees, we saw over 1200 meetings taking place over the 3 days of partnering. Below you can find the breakdown of attendees and meetings. With 70% of the meetings taking place between companies and investors, this goes to show that investors are still hungry for good investments, despite the current environment. And while coordinating across time zones is extremely difficult, over 85% of the meetings took place as scheduled.

The proof is in the numbers – digital conferences are providing a way for startups and investors to meet and form relationships with a virtual one-on-one meeting. Make sure to check out the future digital events we will be holding to help make it through the coming months!

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