Digital RESI June Welcomes BioHealth Capital Region as a Gold Sponsor

21 May

By Bryanna Allison, Business Development Manager, LSN

The action item today is keeping up your business momentum in these challenging days. LSN has seen a distinct uptick in global regional-based tech hubs taking advantage of Digital RESI to expand into the new digital paradigm of global partnering conferences. The main strategy is to get the early stage companies back in the mix and secondly, to showcase the technology assets that are teeming in these dynamic regional hubs. The BioHealth Capital Region is a perfect example of deciding to take advantage of RESI and to expand their global reach.

The BioHealth Capital Region is uniquely positioned to help address Covid-19 with its biocluster serving as home to NIH and its 27 research institutes and 6,000 scientists, the FDA with its accelerated approval process, NIAID, BARDA and Dr. Anthony Fauci, all on the front line every day. In addition, many of the region’s industry leaders are developing innovative therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostic tools to fight the virus, including Emergent BioSolutions, Novavax, GSK, AstraZeneca, Qiagen and more than 30 more BioHealth companies of all sizes.

BioHealth Innovation, a Gold sponsor for this RESI Conference, has been busy assisting companies and entrepreneurs with their applications for the numerous Covid-19 grant opportunities, and working with international companies desiring to enter the U.S. market through the BioHealth Capital Region. We also are in the process of raising a $50 million BioHealth Capital Venture Fund to address the early stage funding gap in our ecosystem.

BioHealth Innovation, in cooperation with RESI, will be sponsoring 5 informative panels during Digital RESI June, with additional details will follow. We welcome all to join these sessions to hear from knowledgeable BioHealth experts, investors and entrepreneurs regarding best practices and information they can use to grow their businesses.

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