Hot Investor Mandate: China-Based Enterprise Seeks to Partner with Medtech Companies Across All Stages, with Strongest Interests in Class III Implantable Devices

28 May

A high-tech enterprise headquartered in China focuses on the R&D, manufacturing and sales of implantable medical devices. The firm is actively seeking external opportunities for investment and other types of strategic partnerships. With regards to investment, the firm will generally invest several millions of dollars per deal. The firm is open to global opportunities.

The firm is interested in expanding their business by investing and partnering with medical device companies. The firm is not interested in therapeutics, diagnostics, or digital health. The firm is most interested in Class III implantable medical devices, but will not exclude Class I or II. The firm is open to working with companies across all stages of development.

The firm has 2 main focuses within medical devices, according their stage of development:

(1) Products at early development stage: The firm is open to investing in companies at the idea-level, or those with a prototype that have not yet started clinical trials. In addition to direct equity investment in these stages, the firm is also interested in accelerating the path to market by helping with product development, regulatory and preclinical tests. The firm can act as a lead or co-investor.

(2) Products at later stage: For products that have demonstrated efficacy through clinical trials with patients, the firm is open to exploring beyond direct investment, such as joint venture, licensing, co-development, etc. The firm can provide strategic value to these companies and also assist with China market entry.

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