The Digital Sponsorship Model Works, Providing Bang for Sponsor Dollars

16 Jul

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation; Creator of RESI Conference Series

The world of partnering and life science conferences has moved from the function hall to the world wide web. Exhibit halls once ringing with chatter and the sound of house wine-filled glasses are now silent, giving way to server buzzing and unintentional background noise when you’re certain your Zoom account was already muted… The question remains: how can companies leverage digital event sponsorship, and is the virtual exposure worth the very real, non-virtual cost?

The answer is yes – companies that would normally be interested in sponsoring partnering and life science conferences, should be throwing their hats into the virtual arena. Digital platforms are providing more flexibility and evening the playing field. Sponsors no longer need to pray for a prime booth near the food and beverage corner or impress potential partners with better branded t-shirts and water bottles. There is direct-to-consumer access that aligns with the values of partnering events – connecting the buyers and the sellers to move the needle in early-stage life science partnering.

Service Providers Can Leverage Digital Events

Life Science Nation (LSN)’s ecosystem has always been deal-focused and transaction-centric from its inception. LSN partnering conferences are experiential, interactive, and frequent, to promote continuing development of business relationships, all the way up to the closing of contracts. While the onsite model has changed to a web-based platform, the mission remains the same, with increased access and flexibility.

Virtually any service provider who has a product to sell to early-stage CEOs can really be successful getting their message out at online partnering events. Half the attendees at LSN partnering events are raising capital to spend on the services they need to develop their products, and our sponsors are able to not only find the right companies that are a fit for their own products and services, but also have the extra added capability of learning about the bevy of portfolio companies that are sitting in LSN’s vast investor network.

CROs, CMOs, legal, staffing, consulting, accounting – all the service providers that make the healthcare ecosystem thrive have successfully used LSN partnering events to deliver their message and develop their brand. The good news is that the latest move by LSN to feature elongated digital partnering events has increased attendance by 30% and opened-up the global market to our sponsors.

LSN Partnering Events See Attendance Surge, Boding Well for Sponsors

Being a sponsor at LSN partnering events is a great way for companies in the early-stage life science arena to increase their brand and garner global attention. LSN has 2,000+ fundraising CEOs regularly attending Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) events, and the same growth trend applies to LSN’s investors, channel partners and the Pharma network. Funded early-stage life science CEOs are still meeting at the proverbial water hole, and its web-based features enable sponsors to actively engage with their target audience and close the deals that save lives.

Check Out LSN’s Digital Partnering Conference Sponsorship Brochures Below:

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