Panel Spotlight: AI Diagnostics for Disease Detection

16 Jul

By Bryanna Allison, Business Development Manager, LSN

This September, Life Science Nation (LSN) is launching the Inaugural 4D Meets AI partnering conference, providing a platform for all companies developing and commercializing Drugs, Devices, Diagnostics, and Digital Health (the 4 Ds), with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) vertical, to meet and connect with investors and strategic partners. In addition to partnering meetings and presentation opportunities, 4D Meets AI will welcome a complete agenda of investor and application panels to expand industry knowledge in the latest trends and developments.

One of the application panels, AI Diagnostics for Disease Detection, features some of the brightest minds shaking up the standard with revolutionary tech and applications. Deep learning diagnostics holds immense potential to enhance both the speed and accuracy of disease diagnoses. The diagnostic information that AI absorbs comes from various silos, including symptom data, disease causes, test results, medical images, doctor reports and more. AI can accurately identify disease diagnoses in these data sets and has become a viable source of diagnostic information. AI and machine learning can improve diagnostic accuracy, cut costs, and improve patient safety worldwide. The following industry experts will participate in a dynamic discussion about the current landscape and where the industry is headed.

Marty Keiser, Founder & CEO, IV BioHoldings, LLC (Moderator)

Bio development studio, IV BioHoldings (IVBH) is a bio innovation studio that creates disease-specific startups at the intersection of bioinformatics, biology, and business. The IVBH studio taps a vast internal network in search of big addressable markets with major unmet medical needs, where there is an opportunity to generate economic value for patients, payers, and stakeholders. Each venture creation is defined by its virtual business model, data and technology-heavy R&D process, and a core focus on transcriptomics; illuminating biological insights required for the comprehensive detection, diagnosis, and treatment of a particular disease. To date, IVBH has accelerated breakthrough innovations in lung cancer and liver disease (NASH) and is currently incubating projects across a number of indications that affect similarly large populations. By connecting data, technology, and capital, the studio hopes to break down the traditional barriers that exist between diagnostics and therapeutics and accelerate access to effective and affordable solutions across the entire care continuum.

Meesha Dogan, PhD, Co-Founder & CEO, Cardio Diagnostics, Inc.

Cardio Diagnostics, Inc. is a precision medtech company transforming the prevention of cardiovascular disease. They will soon be launching Epi+Gen CHD, the first at-home, end-to-end remote, clinical AI-driven DNA test that profiles and aggregates genetic and epigenetics biomarkers for heart attack risk screening. The underlying technology is also being incorporated into a series of products for stroke, heart failure and other comorbidities. Their vision is to transform the medical care for cardiovascular disease (CVD) from reactive to proactive. They believe that prevention and early detection should be the norm, and that epigenetics-based technologies driven by AI will unlock the new era of highly accessible Precision Cardiovascular Medicine. They are leading this change through their own technologies and in conjunction with key stakeholders and strategic partners to enable better health outcomes.

Nan-Wei Gong, PhD, Founder & CEO, FIGUR8, Inc.

Founded in 2016, FIGUR8 is a MIT STEX 25 company formed by a group of engineers, researchers and designers with expertise in wearable computing, digital health and sports science. They share the same passion in creating the most intuitive and effective way to understanding human movement and to bring what’s only available to the elite few today to the hands of the everyday user.


Marc Lambrechts, PhD, Senior Investment Manager, Capricorn Partners NV

Capricorn Partners NV is an independent manager of private and quoted equity funds that invest in minority shareholding positions of innovative companies with technology as competitive advantage. Capricorn Venture Partners NV was established in early 1993 as a joint venture between Dr. Jos B. Peeters and Baring Venture Partners Ltd, In December 1999, Professor Philippe Haspeslagh, the chairman of Capricorn Venture Partners and Jos acquired the shares held by Barings (then ING) and the company has since been operating as a fully partner-owned independent management company. In line with its growths into a specialized alternative asset manager, the company was renamed in Capricorn Partners in August 2019. Their mission is to create financial return for clients and support spearheading entrepreneurs that have developed products with a true impact.

Andrea Wang, MS, Co-Founder & CEO, AHEAD Medicine

AHEAD Medicine focuses on developing AI-powered diagnostics for blood cancer precision medicine. They’ve developed AHEAD-flow, the fully automated immunophenotype analysis platform which allows physicians to identify abnormal cases promptly and avoid delays in clinical decisions. Their vision: To enable AI aided clinical decision making in cancer treatment for every physician and to identify, with greater ease, optimization paths to better treatment strategies.

Visit our agenda to view additional panels.

4D Meets AI is still accepting panelist applications. AI Investors Click Here and AI CEOs Click Here to fill out an application for consideration

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