How to Nail a Digital Handshake for Online Investor Meetings

23 Jul

By Dennis Ford, Founder & CEO, Life Science Nation; Creator of RESI Conference Series

In the world of web-based meetings and partnering events, the digital handshake is more important than ever to get in front of the right investors and strategic partners. The introductory message requesting a partner meeting needs to be Step 1 of a 4-step plan to secure meetings with the right people.

In order to fill up your dance card at a partnering conference, you must first and foremost do your homework and read all the profiles of the potential partners. Make sure you only select the ones that are a fit for your company’s stage of development and product set – The Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference model makes this task very easy because you can search and select these firms by simply clicking through the investor profile filters and produce the target list. That is good news, but the great news is that, at a RESI conference, all the investor profiles are updated and full, meaning that all fundraising CEOs need to do is understand their target investors, review investor profiles based on their criteria, and create a list of potential fits.

Once you get the list of all your target investors, you then must send your first introductory message requesting a meeting. The message is a simple narrative which introduces your firm, with a hook to draw the investor in. This message should include:

  • Your company’s tagline, which nets out in 5-6 words what the firm is and what you do
  • Your elevator pitch that succinctly describes your company and the technology
  • What differentiates your technology or product innovation, and how that will affect your target market
  • Information on your raise and target milestones
  • Any other noteworthy net/net items about you or your team

Put this together and press send. It doesn’t have to be a long, drawn-out document, just a crisp message that provides enough info so that the reader can determine if you are a fit and that they should say yes to a meeting. By making your message short and concise, you show the recipient that you respect their time, understanding that they are receiving hundreds of requests, and that you did the work to make it easy for them to decide to meet.

Following up is crucial in securing partnering meetings. Each follow-up message should be short and a “quick ping” in nature. Life Science Nation (LSN) recommends that you follow this order:

  • Your second message should be on the product/technology you have created, why it is different and how your IP is a game changer. Once again, net out your differentiated value.
  • Your third message should be a quick ping on key management, highlighting you or a noted team member’s experience that has moved the needle and made your company unique.
  • Your fourth message should include your one-page tear sheet, which has all the previous messages on one page.

This is a process LSN has developed and knows works – We have the metrics to prove it. Countless times, through the coaching that LSN provides to CEOs from our Focus on Cures Accelerator, we have seen the meeting numbers jump from 4-6 meetings to 8-12 per day. It works, and there is still time to sign up for the next RESI dedicated partnering event, July 27-28. Click here to sign up and to practice that digital handshake!

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