Digital RESI September Panel Highlight – Oncology Innovation

27 Aug

By Joey Wong, Investor Research Analyst, LSN

Oncology research is a massive industry within healthcare, and the interest in innovation is only growing. One may worry that entrepreneurs are challenged to stand out and differentiate themselves in this space, however, funding cancer therapeutics remains one of the most attractive economic and philanthropic opportunities available in healthcare, and there are many firms that strongly or even solely focus on oncology.

The Oncology Innovation panel at the upcoming Digital RESI September Conference will feature 5 speakers actively seeking investment opportunities in this space. Panelists will discuss the latest in industry-wide changes, as well as the opportunities and challenges that both investors and companies are facing as they search for success in this rapidly advancing field.

The live panel session will happen on Thursday, September 10, 12:00 – 12:50 pm ET. For those who are unable to attend, the panel video will be available afterwards on the RESI September digital agenda. Check out our panelists below and click here to register for Digital RESI September.

This panel is moderated by Steve Yoder, Vice President, Business Development, Taiho Oncology

Dr. Yoder is an accomplished business development professional who has participated in many significant transactions; bringing more than 25 years of industry experience in business development, strategic planning and new product development, including in the areas of oncology and hematology, on top of his clinical experience.

Dr. Yoder joins Taiho Oncology from Bristol Myers Squibb, where he most recently served as head of the company’s Hematology and Cell Therapy Search & Evaluation team in Business Development. Prior to Bristol Myers Squibb, Dr. Yoder was Head of Search & Evaluation at Celgene Business Development, and held positions in business development, strategic planning, marketing and new product development while previously working at Bristol Myers Squibb and Pfizer. Dr. Yoder has worked as a consultant in life sciences at Easton Associates and Arthur D. Little and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Life Sciences Pennsylvania.

Anthony Bajoras, Managing Director, Cancer Fund

Anthony Bajoras is the Founder and Manager Director of the Cancer Impact Fund. He also serves as a BioAccel Board Member, manager of their for-profit BioAccelerator investment fund, and is a limited partner in the Arizona Founders Fund.


Barbara Lavery, Chief Program Officer, Alliance for Cancer Gene Therapy

Named for the 1965 hit song by the Beach Boys, Barbara Ann Lavery has a passion for creativity. Whether she’s transforming the landscapes of Ireland, Iceland, and California into large-scale abstract paintings or finding and funding life-changing opportunities to cure cancer, Lavery is guided by an inspired sense of appreciation for innovation.

“Cell and gene therapies embrace an entirely new paradigm,” says Lavery whose years of experiences with non-profit and for-profit organizations, government agencies, and academic institutions helped build her framework of knowledge in life sciences. “Since its inception, ACGT has led the way in recognizing and advancing revolutionary new ideas that really matter.”

As Chief Program Officer, Lavery is responsible for many ACGT initiatives, including leadership of the Academic Research Program and the Biotechnology Investment Program. “This is my dream job,” says Lavery. “It combines science and research with business development and venture philanthropy in a forward-thinking, non-profit environment that’s dedicated to brilliant people who are finding creative new solutions to some of cancer’s toughest challenges. I love it!”

Mark Krul, Partner, Aglaia Oncology Funds

Mark has been involved in anticancer drug development since 1993 and has a background in molecular biology and immunology. Before founding Aglaia in 2003 he was Program Director of the NDDO Research Foundation. He held several positions with NDDO Oncology BV (formerly the EORTC New Drug Development Office) with respect to oncology drug development strategies (1997-2002). From 1993 until 1997 Mark was Research Manager of the European Cancer Center and headed the Department of Molecular Virology at the National Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection from 1989 until 1993.

Duncan Young, Director, Search and Evaluation Oncology, BD&L, AstraZeneca

Duncan is a Experienced Business Development professional passionate about early innovation and technology, with keen interest new models of collaborative working and open innovation between academia, the charity sector and industry, and supporting and mentoring life science entrepreneurs.

Specialities: Open Innovation, Drug Discovery, Mentoring, Medical Technologies, Technology Transfer, IP Management, Technical Due Diligence and Evaluation, Networking, Agreement Negotiation, Consortia Drafting, Strategy.

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