Interview with Life Science Nation CEO, Dennis Ford on Longevity, Health & Innovation Conference

1 Oct

By Rory McCann, Marketing Manager & Conference Producer, LSN

Rory McCann (RM): This year, so many conferences have gone virtual or have been cancelled, but you’ve released a new conference: 4D Meets AI, and announced a new one: Longevity, Health & Innovation. Why are you expanding on your flagship conference, RESI?

Dennis Ford (DF): Basically, the market needed Life Science Nation (LSN) to expand so we can all get on with conducting the business of early-stage funding, partnerships and alliances. LSN sees its global investor network investing every week. LSN events have seen a 30% increase in attendees, and our digital events have turned into global digital events with meetings taking place 24-hours per day over 3 days straight. Our RESI September event had 1,500 virtual meetings in 3 days. Unfortunately, it looks like the planet has at least another year of this virtual reality to deal with and LSN is a vehicle for our clients to continue their invaluable work.

Regardless of the C-19 troubles, we are in the golden age of life science technology across the silos of drugs, devices, diagnostics, and digital health. There are literally tens of thousands of early-stage healthcare start-ups with a myriad of ground-breaking, game-changing, nascent technology surfacing all around the planet. To net it out, I am seeing compelling new products and services that are well-articulated with data and prototypes in-hand to show they can make a difference in the standard of care across the entire healthcare arena.

It used to be 10% of early-stage companies might have a chance to secure series A and make it to that 5-year milestone. At LSN RESI conferences, we see 3,000 early-stage companies each year going after seed, series A and B funding with an equal number of qualified investors looking to add to their portfolios. When we looked out on the horizon, AI and Longevity products and services seemed poised to make a huge impact. AI and Longevity will be the two beacons where this new technology is moving ahead at full speed. The early-stage technology is there, the investors are there, and LSN knows how to gather up the buyers and sellers with our unique partnering theme, so we said, “Let’s go for it!”

RM: What does Longevity, Health & Innovation have to add to the early stage partnering landscape? What will attendees get out of it that is unique compared to other partnering conferences, even RESI?

DF: There is a myriad of major diseases that affect the boomer generation, ranging from Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, and Cancer to Arthritis, Depression, and Diseases of the Eye and Heart. There are thousands of governmental and academic entities conducting research and helping translate the research into products and services that will have an impact on these debilitating illnesses. LSN sees all these companies at our RESI conferences and it became obvious to us that we needed to have a dedicated partnering and funding event that could cater to the Longevity and Health Innovation arena.

RM: You’ve partnered with Mary Furlong & Associates. What does that partnership offer to the success of the conference?

DF: Mary is the leader with her Longevity conference series that assembles all the major stakeholders together and creates a discussion and exchange of ideas regarding Longevity and Health. When LSN looked at the Longevity and Health landscape, it was evident that if we could bring Mary’s stakeholders and content, and LSN could bring our early-stage technology companies and global investors, we could broaden and enhance each other’s conferences. Mary produces high-quality content and LSN’s partnering system is exemplary; these two strengths make us very complementary. I believe that our quarterly, international, joint Longevity, Health & Innovation Conference will be the go-to Longevity global event.

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