Hot Investor Mandate: China PE/VC Firm Invests Up to $10M in Life Science Companies With China Market Potential

15 Oct

A PE/VC firm based in China makes early-growth stage investments in several sectors including Healthcare. The firm typically invests USD 5-10 million per company. The firm typically invests in companies located in China but is also interested in companies abroad that have a China angle. For example, companies that plan to set up a JV in China, etc. The firm has no set number of investments it plans to make but could potentially invest in 3-4 healthcare companies in the next 12 months. The firm is actively seeking new investment opportunities.

In Healthcare, the firm seeks to invest in therapeutics, diagnostics, medical equipment/devices, services, and HCIT. The firm is generally opportunistic in terms of subsectors. However, the firm is particularly interested in implantable devices, biomesh, IVD, gene sequencing, and vaccines. For indications, the firm is interested in large markets in China; stated interest includes (but not limited to) orthopedics, oncology, diabetes and obesity, viral diseases, and hepatitis B & C. In terms of stage of development, the firm will consider early-late stages for Chinese companies. For foreign companies, the firm seeks products that already have regulatory approval in their respective market. However, the firm is open to engage with companies with products that are 1-2 years from market approval.

The firm invests in companies in China as well as companies located abroad. However, companies abroad must have a China angle. For example, plans to set up a JV. The firm generally seeks board of directors representation.

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