Hot Investor Mandate: New VC Firm Interested in USA Investment Opportunities in Biotech, Digital Health, Medtech, and More

15 Oct

A newly established venture capital firm is actively seeking early-stage investment opportunities in life sciences and healthcare sectors. The firm is focused on emerging companies in pre-seed / seed rounds and will participate in Series A at the maximum. Currently, the firm is focused on USA-based companies, but can dedicate up to 20% of their fund to invest outside of the USA.

The firm invests in 4 main focus areas: (1) biotech, which includes biomarkers, liquid biopsies, cell therapy, smart packaging, drug delivery, next generation sequencing, omics; (2) digital health, which includes wearables, diagnostics, services, AI-enabled approaches, management, fitness, digital therapy; (3) medtech, which includes smart devices, smart lens, breath biopsy, 3D printing, in vitro diagnostics, surgical robotics, laser therapy; (4) health edtech, which includes personalized learning, med. professional development, immersive learnings (e.g., VR), wellness. The firm plans to expand their investment capabilities in medtech, as they have recently made great investments in this space. The firm is indication agnostic, and is open to all opportunities including oncology, cardiovascular, infectious, metabolic, neurological, and rare/orphan diseases.

The firm seeks to work with companies backed by a management team with deep domain expertise and technologies that are backed by solid IP. The firm prefers to act as a follow-on, but will seek to lead more investment rounds in the future.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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