The Life Science Nation Story

10 Dec

By Dennis Ford, Founder and CEO of Life Science Nation, Creator of the RESI Conference Series

In 2012, Life Science Nation (LSN) CEO Dennis Ford had a dream of helping innovative, life-saving technology and products go to market and help patients. The bottleneck he saw was in the early-stage ecosystem where fundraising entrepreneurs were failing to effectively target, meet, and pitch to investors who were the right fit for their product and stage of development. LSN was born to deliver products, services, and education, as well as partnering opportunities through events like the Healthtech Partnering Week, in order to connect buyers and sellers within life science and healthcare to advance life-saving deals.

While the offerings have expanded and pivoted to serve an ever-growing audience and the needs for more opportunities and digital connectivity, the dream in 2020 is the same as in 2012. LSN is proud to serve early-stage companies, investors, tech hubs, incubators, and service providers, and the team is pleased to release an updated executive summary to re-introduce LSN to its growing community. Whether new to LSN or a long-time “friend of the firm”, the team hopes to find a shared commitment to advancing deals within life science and healthcare, and even find a service, product, or event that can move the needle for you.

Click Here to View LSN Executive Summary

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