J.P. Morgan Week Update: The Perfect Venue to Launch LSN Healthtech Partnering Week

7 Jan

By Dennis Ford, Founder and CEO of Life Science Nation, Creator of the RESI Conference Series

It’s that time of year again! J.P. Morgan’s Annual Healthcare Conference has spawned countless concurrent healthcare conferences taking advantage of the influx of industry professionals eager to network and make deals for nearly forty years. The Redefining Early-Stage Investments (RESI) conference series has been a popular addition for several years, and it seemed the obvious choice when we looked to launch our own Healthtech Partnering Week.

Over the past ten months, as many industries slowed down, Life Science Nation (LSN)’s partnering events have ramped up, delivering an increased number of one-on-one meetings between fundraising early-stage companies and investors. The metrics speak for themselves, as we’ve seen an average of 1400+ meetings take place over three days of digital partnering, proving that digital partnering works with investors pulling the deal-making trigger. The proof-of-concept, preclinical and clinical trial money is flowing.

Learn more about Healthtech Partnering Week and join the 500+ investors.

What’s the difference?

MATCHING LSN’s customized partnering system enables fundraising CEOs, investors, and strategic partners to seek opportunities based on several search criteria, most importantly including product fit and stage of development, helping attendees avoid wasted meetings, which can amount to more than half the meetings booked at standard partnering conferences. LSN’s database of thousands of investors and start-ups provides detailed profiles that help attendees increase their chances of success by matching with the best partners for them.

MESSAGING LSN has interviewed thousands of investors in order to learn what their criteria are for taking a meeting and engaging with an investment prospect. The trends we found have been written into a book (FREE PDF COPY) designed to help the scientist-entrepreneur understand how to get their branding and messaging straight. This starts with a cogent 5–7-word tagline, a lucid 6-7-sentence elevator pitch, and a one-page data sheet that succinctly presents all relevant information a potential investor would need at first glance. Finally, tell your unique story through a two-page executive summary and elaborate on your technology in a 10–12-page pitch deck.

FOLLOW-UP Partnering is an extremely competitive contact sport. You need to get your company and message above the noise. Investors and strategic partners are inundated with meeting requests, and if you do not have a compelling tactical plan to go after and secure meetings, you run the risk of getting only 4-6 meetings, instead of 15-20+. It’s a numbers game – we don’t make the rules, but we know how to play by them.

LSN has developed a 4-step follow-up process. The concept of follow-up stops most early-stage entrepreneurs in their tracks and thus limits their interaction with targeted partners. We walk a fundraising CEO through all these issues and set them on the right path through our content, bootcamps and seminars. Preparing CEOs for partnering success is rarely given enough attention, and LSN is passionate about using its insight to help deal-flow to promising teams and their tech.

Check out more tips on partnering and a tutorial of the LSN system. There’s still time to register for events at Healthtech Partnering Week. Don’t miss out!

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