Hot Mandates: US-Based Angel Group

1 Feb

An angel investor group looks to invest in companies that help solve societal problems and will either invest in an existing company or help form a company around a technology that addresses a need. With a current focus on healthcare, the firm looks for technologies with a social impact, such as those addressing chronic pain management, the opioid crisis or issues facing the aging population. The firm invests in seed/angel rounds and may invest in follow on rounds, generally investing between $20K-300K. The firm will lead a seed round, or co-invest in an angel round. The firm is seeking to invest in companies with high-growth potential in the US, but will invest in Canada as well. The firm will also partner with medical societies or academic centers to transfer technologies into new ventures.

The firm is opportunistic with regards to sector and indication, and will invest in therapeutics, devices, diagnostics or digital health companies in any indication that meets their mission of social impact and investment thesis around high growth. The firm has historically invested in companies within neuroscience but is also open to other indications such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The firm generally takes a board or observer seat after investing, and can provide interim management support as well.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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