Hot Mandates: Boston-based Private Equity Firm

12 Feb

Founded in 1982, the private equity firm is based in Boston, MA. The firm has raised 8 funds to date totaling approximately $1 billion in total assets raised. The firm is looking to invest $2-15 million preferred equity in companies with high growth potential. The firm also considers in-licensing of technologies and strategic acquisitions. For equity investments, the firm prefers companies located in the Eastern US and Midwest, but for acquisitions and in-licensing, the firm will consider companies located around the globe. In 2014, The firm launched its Founders Fund through which the firm makes angel investments into high potential, early-stage companies. The Founders Fund typically invests up to $250K in preferred equity.

The firm primarily focuses on the following sectors: Diagnostics (including digital), Pharma Services/Outsourcing, Healthcare IT, and Medical Devices. The firm has a strong preference for companies working with platform technologies. For equity investments, the firm looks for companies that have reached commercialization. With regards to the Founders Fund, the firm primarily seeks companies in healthcare services and SaaS outsourcing businesses.

The firm is looking for experienced management teams with domain expertise and leadership skills that are capable of taking the company to the next value inflection point or additional capital raise. The firm is looking for companies that have at least $2-$30 million in yearly revenue. The firm is interested in company that are profitable or near breakeven and have demonstrated substantial opportunity for growth.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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