Hot Mandates: US-Based Venture Capital

12 Feb

Founded in 2011, the firm has worked with more than 35 leading healthcare organizations to advance an innovation strategy that supports a culture of idea generation, business creation, and entrepreneurial collaboration in order to drive sustainable impact. In the past, the firm has managed the Intermountain Healthcare Innovation Fund, a $35 million fund closed in 2015 backed by Intermountain Healthcare, with a focus on health technologies with a provider angle. The firm currently manages the DaVita Venture Fund in partnership with DaVita Venture Group, focusing on early-to-mid stage companies that work on transforming healthcare and improving clinical outcomes. Typical size of an initial investment is $1-3 million in Seed to Series B round. The firm can invest up to $5 million over the lifetime of a company. The firm is open to leading or syndicating in a financing round. The firm is currently seeking opportunities globally, but currently has a focus in the U.S.

The firm considers innovations that have a strategic angle to healthcare providers and do not need to go through regulatory development hurdle. Examples may include healthcare operational improvement,

healthcare workflow management, data analytics, radiologic information analysis, telemedicine, population management, and automated screening.

Supporting the interests of the DaVita Venture Fund, the firm is interested in technologies that improve outcomes and quality of care for patients with kidney disease and other chronic diseases. Within the broad life science sectors, the firm will consider pharmaceuticals and medical devices that can help improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs for the healthcare system, with a preference for those with an accelerated regulatory approval pathway. The firm also considers digital health solutions – tech-enabled products and services that leverage technology, data, and connectivity to improve care delivery.

The firm is looking for competent management teams developing innovative solutions to real-world problems in the healthcare industry. The firm’s limited partner, DaVita Venture Group, is actively involved in the vetting process. The firm also prefers companies whose values align with DaVita Venture Group.

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