Life Science Nation and YAFO Capital Announce ACCESS CHINA Forum (Spring 2021) – China Innovation Out-Licensing Event at Healthtech Partnering Week

25 Feb

By Dennis Ford, Founder and CEO of Life Science Nation, Creator of the RESI Conference Series

In 2021, Life Science Nation (LSN) launched the digital Healthtech Partnering Week (HPW), which consists of the renowned digital Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) 3-day event, 4D Meets AI 2-day event, and the Longevity, Health & Innovation (LHI) 2-day event, and now introducing ACCESS CHINA 2-day forum. LSN introduced this new open-concept conference theme in order that other independent conferences could participate in the week-long event with access to LSN’s premier partnering capability, which matches early-stage companies with strategic investment and licensing partners. HPW welcomes global partnering events to leverage the LSN global partner network, providing an incredible value to all attendees.

YAFO Capital‘s ACCESS CHINA Forum is a quarterly corporate access event series between China and Western biopharma. It is a leading deal-making platform for Western pharma and biotech leaders looking to enter or expand in the Chinese market, and for Chinese companies to enter the global market. ACCESS CHINA Spring Forum, which focuses on China biotech innovation and out-licensing opportunities, adds to the HPW momentum. The Forum creates a great opportunity for LSN’s buy-side global partner network of investors, pharma and corporate strategics seeking equity and licensing opportunities to look at elite technology assets coming out of Asia. The scientist-entrepreneurs and fundraising CEOs coming to HPW via ACCESS CHINA Forum will be able to make new connections with global partners that will help them transition from their regional markets to the global arena.

LSN welcomes any firm that has a standalone life science partnering event happening simultaneously with HPW to join forces. YAFO Capital’s ACCESS CHINA Forum is a great example of how we can work together and deliver elite technology assets to a broader investor and strategic partner audience. Our goal is to reach across borders and events to raise the tide of early-stage partnering and lift all fundraising efforts in order to advance the latest in life-saving technologies and healthcare treatments.

Sign up to join Healthtech Partnering Week and take advantage of our global network of partners!

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