Congratulations to the 4D Meets AI Innovator’s Pitch Challenge Winners!

25 Mar

By Joey Wong, Investor Research Analyst, LSN

Life Science Nation (LSN)’s 4D Meets AI partnering conference successfully concluded last Friday, March 19. Over the two-day event, LSN featured seven exceptional startup companies at the intersection of AI and life science through the Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC).

Each company was featured on a dedicated landing page that hosted their pitch video and supplementary materials, and they participated in a live Q&A session with a panel of investor pitch judges. Conference attendees were able to visit these landing pages or join the live Q&A sessions, and they were encouraged to vote for their favorite IPC companies before the end of the conference.

Many thanks to all the IPC companies for their hard work promoting their technologies and to the pitch judges who supported each session with their feedback. Each company was judged on their supporting materials, as well as their live pitch and Q&A. Congratulations to Huma.AI and Thrive Bioscience for winning their sessions! is a venture-backed healthcare AI company. It’s ML-enabled, questions and answers-driven knowledge automation platform turns domain experts into their own data scientists so that they can make real-time decisions driven by data. According to its customers, has cracked the Holy Grail.

Thrive is commercializing a family of instruments and software that provide previously unavailable data, imaging, analytics, and automation for cell culture, stem cell culture, and tissue culture for use in biomedical research and cell therapeutics. Thrive has recently started selling the first two instruments in the family, the CellAssist and the CellAssist 50. Both collect 1,000’s of images of live cells in culture, analyzes them, provides guidance and builds a significant database. The CellAssist 50 enables researchers to automatically and remotely image 50 plates of cells on an ongoing basis, generating large amounts of data for live cell biology. Sites include Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Center for Genomic Medicine (Massachusetts General Hospital), Stanford Stem Cell Core, University of Texas Medical Branch, as well as large and small pharma/biotech companies.

If you’re interested in the next upcoming Innovator’s Pitch Challenge, you can apply for the Digital RESI IPC taking place June 8-10. Applications close May 14!

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