Hot Mandate: China-Based VC Interested In AI Healthcare Service Platforms

29 Mar

Founded in 2014, a venture capital firm specializes in life sciences and medical technology, managing both RMB and USD funds with a total size of $600M. The firm is located in Beijing, China, operated by a professional team with diversified and profound industry backgrounds, having made over 40 investments with high growth potential since 2014. For the firm’s RMB fund, the typical allocation size is 30M-50M RMB, and can go up to 200M RMB. For the USD fund, the firm invests $5M USD on average and can go up to $20M USD.

The firm is open to investing in general Bio-medical industries globally, including diagnostics, medical devices, therapeutics and AI in the healthcare service platform. The firm is especially interested in medical imaging, minimally invasive diagnosis specially IVD and treatment, diagnostic reagents and mobile health. The firm prefers diagnostics companies that are at the growth stage but are looking for biotech companies in the seed stage. It’s not interested in small molecules nor antibodies for now.

The firm prefers companies with China Angle, focusing on promising pioneers that operate in healthcare subsegments with lower regulatory risks and introduce global technology into the Chinese market.

If you are interested in more information about this investor and other investors tracked by LSN, please email

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