Hot Mandate: China-Based VC Focusing on Medtech is Interested In AI Applications in Imaging

12 Apr

An investment firm founded by a group of Chinese medical device experts based in China. The firm seeks to allocate 5-20M RMB (0.7-3M USD) in various early-stage life science opportunities. The firm is looking to make several investments in the upcoming year focusing on angel, pre-A, Series A, and B rounds. The firm seeks to make use of the founders’ expertise in the medical device industry to help guide their investments towards growth and success. The firm is investing out of a CNY fund and therefore focuses on companies willing to start a joint venture in China.

The firm is primarily interested in medical devices and in vitro diagnostic (IVD) technologies. The firm’s greatest interest lies in cardiology, neuromodulation, in-vitro diagnostics, and imaging, where the founders have the most expertise. The firm is open to considering other areas, including R&D services, as long as the opportunity is interesting and has the potential to be developed. The firm’s most recent investment was in a company that utilized AI to process images in order for better and faster diagnoses.

The firm strongly prefers companies with China angle. The firm believes that they can contribute more to companies who wish to work in China through their established connections. The firm also prefers to work with companies that are open to collaborating with the firm’s partners so that they can utilize their prior experiences to help the companies grow.

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