Hot Investor Mandate: Healthcare-Focused VC Firm Tied to a Large Diagnostic Services Provider Invests in Early-Stage Medtech, Diagnostics, and Digital Health

15 Apr

A healthcare-focused venture capital firm linked to a large provider of preventative and diagnostic services currently has a $50M seed stage fund through which they invest mainly in Seed to Series A companies across all geographies. Despite the fund’s affiliation with this large company, the firms are separate entities and as an institutional venture capital firm, financial return is an important factor. However, because of this affiliation, the firm is able to leverage corporate benefits to support the growing needs of their portfolio companies. As of March 2021, the firm has invested in 6 EMEA companies and 8 USA companies. Initial sizes of investment can largely vary, from $250K to 4M and a portion of the fund is reserved for follow-on investment.

Traditionally, the firm has been most interested in healthcare IT and services companies that address important problems in the healthcare industry, including reducing healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes. However, the firm has been pushing beyond healthtech and pursuing investments in the fields of diagnostics, genomics, and medtech. The firm is not interested in biotech.

The firm is able to leverage their relationship with its parent company to provide hands-on support for their portfolio companies. The firm is open to both leading and co-investing and has done both. The firm is more likely to lead and seek board representation for companies that are based in proximity with the firm’s team. The firm does not have specific requirements for the company or management team as long as they have compelling technology.

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