Hot AI Mandate: Large Indian Conglomerate Particularly Interested In AI-Base Technologies in Digital Health

26 Apr

A large Indian conglomerate headquartered in Kolkata India has many subsidiary companies, several of which are involved within the life science space. Within the hospital subsidiary, the firm is particularly interested in technologies that can help reduce costs, increase access for patient populations, process data, and keep records. The firm also runs their own incubator and is currently interested in Seed and Series A opportunities where they can put in $1-2 million USD. The firm currently prefers co-investing over leading. The firm is interested in opportunities globally, but prefers if they have an interest in working in India.

The firm is particularly interested in the digital health space, specifically telemedicine and AI-based data processing. The firm is interested in these technologies as they believe that they can leverage digital health solutions in order to reduce costs within their hospital systems as well as increase the access to patients located in remote areas. The firm is also interested in AI-based record keeping and analytic technologies as currently, medical records in India are minimal. The firm is also interested in technology related to disaster management and response. The firm is also interested in technologies that can be used to establish clinics in pharmacies as they’ve seen a trend for patients to prefer clinic visits over hospital visit in India. The firm is also particularly interested in natural remedies, specifically the use of organic and natural ingredients in Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine). The firm also has a slight interest in genomics, but they would only be interested if a strong lead investor with genomics experience is already in place. The firm prefers investing in companies that already have proof of concept.

The firm prefers a strong management team that is dedicated and focused on seeing the project through to the end. The firm also prefers to invest alongside strong lead investors with significant experience in the field. The firm prefers to take a board seat when investing.

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