Panels at RESI Partnering Week September 13-17, 2021

17 Jun

By Rory McCann, Marketing Manager & Conference Producer, LSN

RESI Partnering Week returns September 13-17 and attendees can save $100 when they register by July 9! RESI Partnering Week is a five-day digital partnering experience connecting early-stage entrepreneurs in drugs, devices, diagnostics, and digital health with active investors who are a fit for their product and stage of development.

The RESI creators at Life Science Nation (LSN) understand that partnering is a multi-faceted process that takes time and commitment to yield fruitful relationships that turn into strategic partnerships. We offer several programs for attendees to take advantage of in order to optimize their experience, including our interactive panels that feature prominent life science and healthcare investors, as well as fundraising executives with their own tales from the road.


  • Angels & Family Offices
  • Asia Cross Border
  • Big Pharma
  • Corporate VC
  • Medical Devices
  • Mental & Behavioral Health
  • Seed Funds
  • Tales from the Road


  • Healthcare Communications
  • Reproductive Wellness
  • Healthcare Systems and Infrastructure
  • Accelerated Pharmaceutical Development
  • Diagnostic Wearables
  • Precision Medicine


  • Social Isolation & Loneliness
  • Health & Home Care
  • Medical Accountability & Adherence
  • Sensory Wellness

Contact us to learn more about RESI Partnering Week and how we can tailor the experience to meet your partnering needs.

For a demo, or to see how many investors in our a database are interested in your product, feel free to schedule a time that works best for you via LSN BD team’s Calendly link below.
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Greg Mannix
Vice President International Business Development
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Candice He
 Global Investment Strategist
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Elizabeth Murphy
Manager of Business Development
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Antoinette Lowre
Manager of Business Development
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