Winners of Digital RESI June 2021 Innovator’s Pitch Challenge (IPC)

17 Jun

By Claire Jeong, Chief Conference Officer, Vice President of Investor Research, Asia BD, LSN


Digital Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) June ended on a high note last week, again providing a valuable platform for early-stage life science companies and investors/strategic partners to connect and start dialogue.

This RESI also featured the largest number of Innovator’s Pitch Challenge companies, with almost fifty companies participating. Each company was assigned to one of ten live Q&A sessions featuring investors and industry partners, based on sector/technology.

Attendees voted for their favorite companies throughout the three days of the conference. Check out the winners below!

1st Place – Throne Biotechnologies

Throne is an American therapeutics company aimed at commercializing a novel stem cell technology that can fundamentally reverse diabetes, alopecia areata and other autoimmune diseases through immune education. The patented technology is recognized as the leading “practical cure project” for type 1 diabetes among 594 global projects (JDCA 2020). Stem Cell Educator therapy is a single dialysis-like treatment that fundamentally “resets” a patient’s immune system and corrects the underlying autoimmunity. 200+ patients between the ages of 3 and 70 have been treated in 10 years of clinical research in Spain, China, and US. 70% of type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients demonstrated clinical efficacy. Many patients reduced insulin dosing and some have become insulin independent. This technology has been successfully tried in more than 10 autoimmune diseases including alopecia, lupus, fibrosis, and scleroderma. This therapy is ready to use and is approved to begin three FDA phase 2 clinical trials (type 1 diabetes, alopecia areata, COVID-19). Throne is looking to raise $5M to complete US FDA phase 2 through to commercialization. Throne is open to partnerships, joint ventures, investments, and license arrangements.

2nd Place – Praetego

Praetego is a pre-clinical stage pharmaceutical company with a mission to improve the health and longevity of diabetic patients. Praetego is developing novel small molecules (Amadorins) to alleviate serious diabetic complications, starting with peripheral neuropathy. Amadorins are first-in-class molecules able to inhibit a primary driver of diabetic microvascular disease and are derived from a clinically proven prototype.

3rd Place – Nano PharmaSolutions

A proprietary drug delivery nanotechnology that generates poorly soluble drugs as nanoparticles for better bioavailability. Our NanoTransformer(TM) technology can generate drug nanoparticles through phase transfer method without using any chemicals or solvent. We work with (1) preclinical stage drug developers for animal study formulations and (2) innovative generic companies for generic nanodrug development. We are at revenue stage and our revenue forecast is $150M in 2026 (our target exit time frame).

Congratulations to each of the winners, who have received free tickets to future RESI conferences to boost their fundraising efforts. Thank you to all finalists, judges, and attendees who make the IPC an exciting and powerful part of RESI! Interested in joining a future IPC? Applications are open for RESI Partnering Week September, featuring three separate RESI conferences! Select the logos below to learn more!

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