Hot Longevity Mandate: Asia-Based Pharma

6 Jul

The pharmaceutical company is based in Korea. The company’s current marketing portfolio are mostly made of branded products licensed in from overseas partners. For the R&D activity, the company has several clinical pipelines under global phase II in the area of CNS and diabetes, CNS clinical pipeline under phase III in Korea, and a late preclinical stage oncology product as well as an early preclinical candidates targeting TEC kinase family developed in-house. The company is actively searching for innovative candidates and products around the world to incorporate into its pipeline and product portfolio. The firm has ample experience across various types of partnerships with overseas companies and is flexible in terms of the business structure. The firm is interested globally, including world-wide major territories.

The company is currently seeking promising novel therapeutic candidates to incorporate into its pipeline. In terms of indications, the firm is indication agnostic with added interest in movement disorders, CNS, liver disease and immunology. The company is also interested in oncology indications (small molecule or biologics with novel MoA). The firm prefers assets both in early/late non-clinical development stage as well as in early clinical development stage. The firm is also interested in obtaining distribution rights for innovative treatment in Phase III or in marketing authorization process.

The company is open to working with companies anywhere in the world, and has no set requirements for partners; The company is able to work with virtual drug companies by leveraging the firm’s own capabilities and third party relationships.

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