Free Fundraising Bootcamps for Life Science Entrepreneurs Raising Capital

22 Jul

By Candice He, Global Investment Strategist, LSN

A common myth is that the best products sell themselves. The reality is that a great outreach strategy can make a huge difference in the fundraising arena! Over the past nine years, Life Science Nation (LSN) has been working with 2,000+ life science startups each year to connect them with global investors and strategic partners. Our interactions with both companies and investors have given us an insider’s knowledge on some of the key strategies that can help make a fundraise successful.

To help more early-stage companies gain tactical fundraising skills, LSN will offer four complimentary, virtual Fundraising Bootcamps. The Fundraising Bootcamp is invaluable to CEOs seeking financing to help them position themselves as they raise capital to move their technologies forward in the development process. The following topics will be covered in this 1-hour webinar:

  • Debunking the Top 10 Myths in Fundraising
  • How to Get Your Global Target List of Investors
  • Partnering Strategy: Preparing for your Investor Meetings
Fundraising Bootcamp Schedule
Europe/Middle East Investor Landscape – Fundraising Bootcamp
July 28, Wednesday, 10 AM EDT Register Here
Fundraising Bootcamp and Keys to Successful Partnering
August 4, Wednesday, 12 PM EDT Register Here
August 11, Wednesday, 10 AM EDT Register Here
August 18, Wednesday, 2 PM EDT Register Here

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