Financing Scientific Instrumentation as a Start-Up Company

29 Jul

By Antoinette Lowre, Manager of Business Development, LSN

Over the last several years, a record number of exciting life sciences start-ups have come online. Most of these start-up companies need scientific instrumentation to support their research. But when funds are limited, how can these companies get the instrumentation needed to hit their growth milestones?

Bold View Capital is hosting a workshop as part of the Service Provider Showcase at Digital RESI, September 13-16. The workshop will kick-off with an overview of the leasing market for start-ups. Expert panel will share their own experiences going through the leasing process and offer valuable lessons learned.

This workshop is valuable for start-up companies:

  • That rely on scientific instrumentation
  • That are pre-revenue and have limited funds to purchase instrumentation
  • For whom traditional financing is not available
  • That prefer debt financing to diluting equity


  • Darren Platt, President, Demetrix
  • Bryan Leavitt, Managing Partner, Fountainhead Investment Partners
  • Chad Kobold, Director of Business, Development, Bold View Capital

Join Bold View Capital on Wednesday, September 15 at 1 PM EDT. Sign up by August 6 to save on early bird rates!

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