Hot Longevity Mandate: US Subsidiary of Japanese Pharma

21 Sep

The firm is a pharmaceutical company established in 1997 and is headquartered in California. The firm is the wholly-owned subsidiary of a global pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Japan, that has been in operation since 1848. The company is one of the world’s largest patch manufacturers. The firm is focused on developing innovative products in CNS, oncology, and pain management. In particular, the firm has established a strong global presence in transdermal patch products. The company has several products on the market, including a topical, transdermal patch for post-herpetic neuralgia that provides analgesia to affected nerves and relieve pain. Another product is an injection used for the treatment of cancer, and is the first non-alcohol formulation of docetaxel approved in the USA. The firm is seeking novel products for potential in-licensing and partnering opportunities to strengthen their current pipeline. In addition, the firm is unveiling a new initiative through which the company will provide equity investment to early-stage technologies for which the firm could help leverage clinical development. The size of investment will largely depend on the company’s stage of development, but the company is open to investing up to $5M in initial investment. The firm is seeking global opportunities.

The firm’s business is centered on 3 main indications: CNS, oncology, and pain management. With the new early-stage investment initiative, the firm will focus on topical pain, CNS, and dermatology.

The firm is most interested in new NCEs that can be in integrated with topical delivery technologies, as well as existing chemical entities that have applicability in patch and topical applications. The firm will consider technologies as early as in development/pre-clinical.

The firm has no specific management team requirements. The firm has a development and regulatory team that can help companies with advancing towards FDA approval as well as Asian market entry, particularly Japan. Because the firm has many resources and support to offer to early-stage companies, experienced management team and successful track record would be a plus, but not a requirement.

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